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RTC (102 RON, 90 MON and 3.7% oxygen)



R TC is specially blended for turbo engines. It is designed to provide maximum power over a wide rpm range in highly tuned applications. Its specially developed anti-knock ingredients allow maximum advance timing, without pinking. R TC is designed to withstand extreme cylinder pressures and is extremely resistant to detonation. Every batch is extensively tested to ensure maximum quality and complete conformity. The high oxygen content (3.7%) of this fuel provides increased power, especially when used together with engines which have to run air-restrictors. Available in 25, 50 and 200 litre drums.


Typical applications

  • All turbo charged racing and rally cars and motorcycles 
  • All WRC rally cars 
25 Litre container =£106.80
50 Litre container =£205.22
200 Litre container =£759.60

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