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R 6SR (105RON, 95MON and 0% oxygen)



R 6SR is a leaded racing gasoline designed for racing engines requiring a leaded high quality and high octane racing fuel. It is specially developed for engines requiring lead to lubricate the valves and valve seats. R 6SR provides protection against knock up to compression ratios as high as 13:1. Can be used without any special setup being required, although fine tuning will produce the best results. Available in 25 and 200 litre drums.


Typical applications

  • Ethanol free
  • High performance classic motorcycle engines such as: Manx Nortons
  • Classic racing engines requiring leaded fuels, running raised compression ratios
  • Supplied as a pump fuel at various historic race meetings 
  • Not suitable for engines equipped with Lambda sensors or catalytic converters
25 Litre container =£103.20
200 Litre container =£708.00



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