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Freezetone Products USA was created to bring to the market a range of environmentally friendly

coolant treatments, with a core objective of  encouraging the use of non-water based products.


Freeztone products offer the best protection against oxidation, corrosion and electrolysis for all

types of engines that require liquid as a coolant. The Freeztone range is safe to use with cast iron, aluminium, cooper, brass magnesium and  modern automotive alloys and have been tested to the

highest, International ASTM standards.

Waterless engine Coolant.


All types of water, whether it is distilled, purified or demineralised can cause corrosion and oxidation. Waterless engine coolant replaces water. Not only does it protect against corrosion, but it is kinder on the cooling system as it boils at a much higher temperature, at a lower pressure.

  • Eliminate hot spots
  • Fights corrosion
  • Lowers system pressure
  • Boils at 190 C & protects to -40C
  • Works with all Petrol, Light Duty, Diesel, LP and CNG Engines


VR-12 is a new ECO friendly product that will reduce the temperature of the cooling system, whilst protecting it from rust, corrosion and electrolysis.

  • Improves the function of water and anti – freeze
  • Replenishes the ad – packs that have been diluted by regular topping up with water
  • Works with all brands of anti-freeze.
  • The only  “green” 100% organic product on the market today
  • Helps reduce coolant temperatures



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