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Modern road oils v race oils

Formulations of modern road oils are dictated by the major car manufacturers. This means that they are designed to cover longer and longer service intervals, which dictates higher levels of detergents to hold combustion deposits in suspension.

The amounts of anti-wear additives have been reduced as they can cause failure of lambda sensors and catalytic converters overtime.

Race engines require the opposite from their oils. Race engines operating at high RPM, under high load, need a high level of anti-wear additives (zinc and phosphor) to combat premature engine failures and therefore high levels of detergents, which conflict with anti-wear additives, are not needed.

The correct viscosity

Selecting the correct viscosity is also important. Thinner oils in engines, gearboxes and differentials drastically reduce plastic drag, especially important in short duration races, where oils may not reach their ideal operating temperatures. This can also benefit those competitors in single make series, where any incremental gain can be of great importance.


A race car needs oils that are designed for maximum protection and power. Using properly engineered racing oils, such as Driven racing oil, enables you to run thinner oils increasing power and at the same time the high level of anti-wear additives reduces engine wear.  

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