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Driven Engine Assembly Grease

How does it compare with Graphite based lubes?

  • Graphite is a good friction reducer, but it does not “react” with the surface materials to create a lasting wear film.

  • Graphite and Moly both have good friction reducing properties but both are easily removed.

  • Driven Engine Assembly Grease has been tested to evaluate how long it continues to provide lubrication.

  • An American cam manufacturer tested a wide variety of greases and lubes to see which provided the longest lasting lubrication on the camshaft and the JGD's outperformed all other formulations

Where can it be used?

Throughout the whole engine. Outside the camshaft assembly area Driven engineers mix it with Driven BR (break-in) oil to produce the viscosity they want, relevant to each area of the engine. Excellent to pre-grease crankshaft seals with. However, on popular demand the Driven HVL (High Viscosity Lubricant) has been added to the engine builder range to reduce the amount of mixing with the Driven BR oil (e.g. lube for bearings).

What is the difference between zinc additives used by JGD to those used by normal road oils

Most modern oils with high API ratings will have high detergency levels, which will wash away the zinc negating its use. Also zinc additives all have different reaction rates, Driven Racing Oil use a fast acting formulation, whereas those in a road oil will normally act much slower to provide some protection over the long oil service life.

What are the benefits of using Driven Engine Assembly Grease, HVL and Break-In oil?

They work together to promote the best ring seal, maximum protection of all moving parts during the sensitive running in period which in turn helps to produce more power. They also provide a strong protective film throughout the engine, which increases component life beyond simply using one or the other.

Engine oils

Can you add zinc additives to existing engines oils?

The high levels of detergents in a current API spec oils will remove the zinc additive - preventing it from doing its job. Another issue is that if the additives are not mixed with the oil at the correct temperature there is a great risk that the additives may separate from the engine oil.

Does break-in work in wet clutch bike engines?

Yes - every Driven team engine is broken in with this oil.

Can Driven BR be mixed with any other Driven engine oils?


How long does the Driven BR last?

Approximately 500 miles before changing the oil; Joe Gibbs runs the break-in for two hours on the dyno before swapping over to their race oil.

What is the Zinc / phosphorous level of XP4?

BR and XP4 oils have 2,800 ppm of Zinc and 2,500 ppm of Phosphorus. Not only have all Driven XP oils more than 3 times the anti-wear ZDDP than current API SN levels allow, but also have additional anti-wear chemistry.

What sort of temperature can it cope with, 110C?

Driven Racing oils work to 100C for their running in, but they would be happy with 80 -150 C without failing the important multigrade additives

Is it compatible with Darton Sleeves?

Yes, the US Dodge Midge series all use these and almost all use JGD BR as the only thing that can effectively allow good ring seal. Total Seal has recommended BR for use with their products.

What is the best race oil for a Corvette LS7 engine?

Use Driven XP3

Shear Stability

Driven Racing oils have low levels of viscosity modifiers due to the fact that the base oils used have a very high viscosity index (the higher the index, the less thinning of the oil with increased temperature and the less multigrade additives are needed). This allows them to stay within grade much more effectively than many competitors oils particularly those with wide ranges, e.g. 10w 60

When should a switch from Driven HR1 to Driven XP4 be made?

Down to spring pressure, anything above 500lbs (open) should use a Driven XP oil, below this a Driven HR oil is fine as a race oil.

How long will Driven HR1 last for race use?

In terms of life span of the oil, it is suggested that if a car have 12 quarts of oil (i.e. dry sump setup) and the filter was changed after each meeting, whilst the oil was hot, it could easily last 6 race meetings each with 1.5 hours running. If the oil capacity was much less, it would be half that so 3 meetings.

Is Driven HR1 compatible with bronze bushes/ bearings?

It is completely compatible with these type of soft metal bearings

What is the Zinc level in Driven HR1?


What is the service life in a road car if Driven HR1 is used?

8,000 miles with an annual oil change.

Can the Driven XP range be used in wet clutch, i.e. bike applications?

No, they will cause clutch slip. Driven have though developed the MX1 wet clutch oil for their own Driven RMX motocross team. However, Driven HR1 works brilliantly in wet clutch configuration and is a popular choice for classic bike racers.

Gear box oil

Which oil is best for short duration racing with a dog box?

Use the Driven MFT.

Which oil for a Hewland sequential 6 speed box?

Use Driven SAE75W/110.

Customer has seen frothing of Driven SAE75W/110 in a quaife dog box, low powered car, with low oil temps – what could this be?

Caused by oil being churned due to the fact that the oil is too thick for the operating temperatures, best option is to switch to Driven Superspeedway, which would solve the problem being lighter oil.

Ford states that the new mustang has a Detroit locker and needs a friction modifier added to GL5 spec  oil. Which DRO is the best option?

Joe Gibbs Performance NASCAR team run Detroit Lockers in their NASCAR rear ends as well, so the JGD SAE75W/110 is the correct oil for that application. All of their gear oils contain a boron based friction modifier, so they will work in any application that requires a friction modified oil.

What is the general compatibility with LSD units in general?

The Boron additive provides very good friction reduction, so in any application that requires friction reducing additives any of the Driven racing oils will work. In applications without a hypoid gear set the MTF fluid has even greater friction reducing additives.

What sort of temperatures can the Driven SAE75W/110 take?

Can take temps of 130C but this is high for sustained use.

What temps can Driven MTF take?

No problems up to 160 C. Driven Performance run this in their own gearboxes, which don't allow coolers, and saw a drop in oil temperatures.

What is best product for Ford MT75 box?

Driven SAE75W/110

Can you use any of the gear oils with in line gear boxes?

It is not recommended as the formulation is not compatible with soft, yellow metal metals.

Driven PSF (Power Steering Fluid) - Synthetic

Advantages over traditional mineral products

They can take much more heat and still maintain same feel and consistency of performance

ATF type F (Automatic Transmission Fluid) - Synthetic

What is the benefit of this over mineral oil?

Synthetic base gives better performance with heat/ load than mineral.

Driven CSP

Is this product surfactant?

Yes, it will reduce surface tension and work in the same way as Redline Water Wetter or Racing Cool. In addition, it has a neutralizing effect on any impurities found in tap water that can cause corrosion in radiators. The third component that is added is an oil pump lubricant.

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